Logo Files

What files do we supply?

We provide a link to a .zip archive containing an overview contact sheet as a screen based PDF and two folders, one for Screen based files and the other for Print.

Each folder includes a base set of file types:

Print: EPS, TIFF

Screen: SVG, PNG, JPEG 

Depending on your computer or electronic device you may not be able to see or open some of the formats or colourspaces.

For example, an EPS is a vector based format that we provide in CMYK colourspace. 

For more information on file types and formats and for when to use them, see our File types and Formats section.

Why are the files the size they are?

Files created for the logo are set at a height or width of 100mm with a 1mm of border edge.

This is so that easy scaling of percentages can be used to determine the size.

For example, you would scale the logo by 45% to achieve a 45mm dimension of the logo form.

We set the resolution of images to 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) which is suitable for professional printing at a 100% scale.

Screen resolution is traditionally 72 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) but this depends on the pixel density of the screen.

Modern screens and mobile devices have a much higher PPI so we output these at 300 PPI.

For more information on resolution see our File types and Formats section.