Terms and Conditions

Intellectual Property

Beyond the Scale is a data reproduction service and does not retain copyrights associated with any material published as part of our productised service. Beyond the Scale produce artwork data based on explicit requests from our customers, and as such, cannot be held responsible for the misuse of material generated.

Terms of Contract

Before agreeing to a job, Beyond the Scale must first assess the request and what it involves, to ensure that our service is suitably placed to meet a customer’s requirements. If we should reach the conclusion that a job does not fit within the bounds of Beyond the Scale’s service offering, we retain the right to decline a job and will state our reasons where appropriate.

If Beyond the Scale have reason to believe that a request is not entirely legitimate, we retain our rights to terminate any associated agreements.

Completed artwork will only be provided after full payment has been received. Costs associated with a job will be stated prior to its undertaking and are non-negotiable.


All deposits will contribute towards the total fee. Deposits cannot be refunded once we have started the reconstruction stage.

Illustrated Prices

Package entry prices are based on the reconstruction of what would be considered a standard logo type. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of a logo (coat of arms or intricate emblem) and/or requirement for a particular font (as specified by the customer) that either needs to be purchased or cannot be identified/procured.