Data Supply

How will we use the data you provide and for how long?

Information from our Questionnaire

We will only use your supplied data for the purposes of the creating the logo artwork reconstruction which is typically just a few days.

The information will be retained with the project for it’s active project duration and for a three month period from the completion phase.

The Questionnaire asks for a few mandatory items to allow Beyond the Scale to verify, review and facilitate the project.

The only mandatory personal details required are Name, Company and Email.

We also require a reference for name of the business/service/product/event that your logo represents and a weblink that contains a visual representation of your existing logo (full URL required – http/https).

All other information is specific to the logo requirements covering Fonts, Colour and Minor Enhancement and Additional Formats.

We reserve the right to use your logo ‘Before and After’ to promote the Beyond the Scale service.

We may also ask you for a quotation under the same right to marketing.

How do I know what the colour values of my existing logo are?

Colours are specified for Print and Screen and can be selected / identified within applications.

Please see our Colorspace overview for more detail.

If you don’t have specific colours already set we can identify preferred colour ways from your supplied logo.

I don’t know what the specified colour attributes mean or where to find them.

The colour settings and attributes vary for each applications and also how they are interpreted.

Just detail everything that you know – we will investigate these from your supplied logo.

If your logo has a special colour reference it may have even been specified on the file name.

How do I know what the fonts are used ?

If you created the logo in-house it may be a particular font to an operating system or application suite.

You maybe already utilising the font within your documents and PDFs.

If you don’t know we can utilise search processes to help identify the font/s used or a close match.

If no match is found, we will either reconstruct or utilise a similar font.

If a particular font is insisted upon by the client we reserved the right to charge for any purchases in addition to the base costing.

What are minor enhancements?

You are generally happy with your existing logo, but you wish to adjust a particular element so that it is more clear or colour defined.

If you have a requirement for legibility or colour adjustment we will propose a colour alteration that best fits the logo.

These are quoted for as additions to the base costing.

Do I require additional formats?

It depends on the type of logo form, it composition, orientation and it’s complexity. A complicated logo form may not be easy to interpret as small scales or work on digital platforms. Likewise, a very tall or wide logo can restrict the maximum or minimum scale making it hard to implement or work effectively. It is worthwhile considering all the logo formats that you will require from the outset as these can help with use in social media and other applications.

These are quoted for as additions to the base costing.

Additional data entries

Information from Quick Question

  • The only mandatory personal detail required is your Email.
  • We will only use this address for the sole purpose on correspondence for that enquiry.
  • Once answered we periodically delete the emails.

Information from Newsletter Signup

  • The only mandatory personal detail required is your Email.
  • We will only use this address for the purpose our Newsletter.
  • You have the option to manage and unsubscribe from within the email.