The answer is not always a new logo…

Every organisation needs a means of projecting their identity and at the forefront of any professional outfit is a logo.

A logo is the primary, visually distinguishable asset that allows an organisation to establish a unique connection with its audience. For many companies their logo becomes a part of its DNA and provides a conduit through which all of their activity can be channeled.

As an organisation grows its logo will be applied to many different materials, from stationery and brochures to websites and animations. These projects will require the involvement of design and/or marketing agencies who will increase the emphasis on branding, and with it the pressure to update a logo … and from there the incurrence of significant costs.

At Beyond the Scale we believe that if an organisation has an affinity with their logo, they should not feel obligated to change it. We can recreate logo data in as many formats as may ever be required, thereby extending the lifespan of a logo and providing the ability for it to be applied in a contemporary context.

See our What we do – Logo Rebuild package how Beyond the Scale can assist you.

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