What is the ‘Logo Rebuild’ service?

We are providing you with an asset toolkit for your logo – giving you the right file types and forms to take control over your logo and its application.

We are not redesigning your logo, that is a different requirement and one that entails a design rationale and full creative process. We do however, offer logo design and branding as part of our other services.

Is this service for you?

You might say…

  • ‘But I already have a logo’
  • ‘I have lots of logo formats – why do I need more?’
  • ‘It is in a Word document – I can just send it to my designer.’

Although you have files, they may not be suitable for their intended purpose.

Have you ever been told:

  • Your logo is not available in the correct format!
  • Your logo will not look good when it is scaled up!
  • Your logo has an inconsistent colour output on different media!
  • Your logo cannot go on a colour background!

If the answer to these is YES then a ‘Beyond the Scale’ logo artwork reconstruction will be of value.

Beyond the Scale can breathe new life into a logo.

The offering works to recapture your logo and deliver a defined set of usable logo types and formats for those digital and print requirements.

Why this service?

There are lots of reasons to why a logo may not work as required or not be seen in its best light.

As designers, working with a wide range of clients and project types we often encounter logos formats that are not suitable for their intended purpose. Over time the files may even have been mislaid or misused, or even simply jumbled up with a variety of other files making it unclear and non-effecitve for a company to utilise.

Often they are simply embedded within an application such as Word and exhibit real scaling limitations. This can delay or even restrict the design process or intended function, inevitable adding to the cost of artworking or resulting in a below standard product.

Having a correctly constructed logo together the right file types and formats help you to promote your brand and company effectively and consistently.

How does the Logo Rebuild service work?

We operate a six stage artworking process.

How much does it cost?

Logo Rebuild products are priced according to our service matrix, final prices are confirmed after the review process.

For this we review your existing primary logo and then reconstruct a vector version.

Because logo designs can vary considerably, we review and provide a cost indication based on our experience of logo design and construction.

Package entry prices are based on the reconstruction of what would be considered a standard logo type. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of a logo (coat of arms or intricate emblem) and/or requirement for a particular font (as specified by the customer) that either needs to be purchased or cannot be identified/procured.

Additional logo formats or variations such as single colour versions, can be costed for as an addition in your original request or as an extra service following the completion of your base logo rebuild.

The service operates with a stage payment process with an initial deposit* before we undertake the artworking and a final payment upon approval. Following receipt of final payment we supply a download to the finished logo files.

* All deposits will contribute towards the total fee. Deposits cannot be refunded once we have started the reconstruction stage.

How long does it take?

From the point you pay the deposit you can expect to receive a preview within 2-4 working days. Completed artwork as part of a standard service, will be ready to download the next working day following final payment.